Slack integration is live! ✨

Slack integration is live! ✨
We now support Slack!

Revert 🤝 Slack

Revert's unified API now offers developers a seamless way to connect their applications with Slack's extensive capabilities.

Why did we build Slack integration?

The year is 2023, and companies have realised that the most seamless way to stay connected with their customers is through Slack. Providing a slack integration for your product helps you share updates directly to their mobile, thanks to the slack mobile application. This means, they are able to stay updated on the go.

Revert's Unified API makes it easier for you to get Slack integration out of the door. We not only help you save countless development hours into building this but also take care of the maintenance it and when there are changes to the Slack's API.

How to use Revert's Unified API as a developer?

  • Streamline Channel Interaction

With a simple 'GET' request to our API, your application can retrieve an organised list of Slack channels. This allows your users to effortlessly navigate through channels directly from your application.

  • Effortless Messaging

By making a 'POST' request with the desired 'text' and 'channelId', your application can send messages to slack channels. This allows you to centralize communications and automate notifications and updates for your application.

  • Comprehensive User Management

A 'GET' request fetches a paginated list of Slack users, complete with 'id', 'name' and 'createdTimestamp'. This would be useful for any application that require detailed user management and wish to offer personalised experience based on user data from Slack.

Integrating Slack within your application opens a plethora of collaborative possibilities. It allows users to communicate directly through the platform, share files and manage workflows without switching contexts. By removing the complexity of handling multiple API calls and data formats through Revert's API, developers can save time and reduce overhead.

Visit to learn more about how our unified API can transform your application's capabilities. Rememeber, integrating Slack isn't just about communication. It's about creating a more interconnected and efficient workflow for your team. Let's make work simpler, together.

Visit our documentation to get started. Don't forget to check our GitHub repository here ⭐️