Revert: June Updates

Revert: June Updates

💥 Revert gets better every week 💥

Today, we are sharing a Recap of what we shipped in the past couple of weeks, including big additions like:

• Connections API alongside webhooks that listen to connection events.
• Pagination: All our API endpoints now support pagination by default.
• Added support for Hubspot associations across the APIs.
• A robust API versioning system that allows us to move fast

Connections API:

Revert makes it easy for developers to build customer facing connections with CRMs. You can now manage these connections with an API.

Read, update or delete a connection for good CRM hygiene with our simple connection APIs.

We also shipped webhooks that listen for events on connections such as when a connection gets created or is deleted.


Paginated results across our APIs allows our customers to batch responses and query large amounts of data through us.

Better API versioning:

We introduced a header based api versioning system in place so our customers could continue to use our APIs without worrying about breaking changes and upgrade when they have to.

Management UI:

We've shipped a v1 of a management UI for our customers to manage their third party integrations with Revert with ease. There's a lot more to come on here for observability, stay tuned for more.

Thats it, for the product update!

You can find more on our Github 🌟

Watch or star our repo to stay tuned into what we're shipping next!