Revert is going open source  ⭐

Revert is going open source  ⭐

We’re going open-source!

As we build out our platform we’ve learnt from our early partners that trust and collaboration are of paramount importance in a long term solution like ours.

We think building a platform in open is THE way to go forward and here’s what it means for our customers:

  1. Self-Hosted Option: Provides the flexibility to self-host the integration solution, giving you full control over deployment and data management.
  2. Greater Integration support: Allows us to support a great set of long tail of CRMs and do it much faster!
  3. Reliability & Longevity: Software like ours should come with a high degree of reliability and longevity. Open source software guarantees that to everyone.
  4. Collaboration: We want to build the best solution possible and what better way than to do it with our customers, right?

We’re really looking forward to the contributions from the community in the form of bug fixes, feature requests, and pull requests.

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