How Dive built HubSpot and Salesforce integrations in 2 days

How Dive built HubSpot and Salesforce integrations in 2 days
Revert x Dive

“We were a lean team of 5 trying to get these integrations out of the door fast. We did not want to divest our teams’ effort into building and maintaining these integrations, and also compromise on the progress of the core product. The extensibility of Revert's API stood out while evaluating other products in this space.”
Om Prakash Shanmugam, CTO @ letsdive / LinkedIn


Dive is an AI-powered meeting assistant for supercharging your virtual meetings. Dive seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms and workflow tools to revolutionise your meeting experience.

With automated task allocation, real-time transcription, auto-generated summaries, and insightful analytics, Dive ensures your meetings are efficient, engaging, and result-driven. Elevate collaboration and productivity with Dive and make every meeting count.

The challenge

The team at Dive built the meeting notes feature keeping sales teams in mind. The idea was to permanently remove most grunt work of writing meeting notes while an SDR / an Account Executive speaks to a prospect / customer.

Enterprise sales teams have high context switching while managing multiple clients in a day. They wanted these notes to be recorded on their CRM. They also wanted to have the old notes shown privately in their agenda before hopping on subsequent meetings.

This is when the team at Dive started building the integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot in-house. The engineering team looked for solutions that could help them build these faster as APIs for each of these CRMs were complex and it would take them a couple of weeks before deploying this change.

The solution

Through Revert’s unified API for CRMs, Dive was able to build integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce in 2 days. They were able to roll out these integrations for their enterprise customers the very same weekend.

These integrations gave a Dive customer the option to import notes to their HubSpot / Salesforce CRM, and the discussed points on the call showed up neatly in the notes section. A rep could also have a quick glance of these notes before jumping onto a call. All this in exactly 3 clicks from Dive’s integrations page.

Dive got a seat on the ecosystem of products that a sales team uses everyday through Revert.

The experience

"We used for implementing dive’s integration with HubSpot at first. Using revert made building the integration a breeze. The APIs are super easy to work with - well-documented and developer-friendly, resulting in a 70% reduction in our shipping time. The team was impressively receptive to our feedback and quick to implement suggested changes. Their move towards open-source development is a commendable step forward. I really appreciate their proactive approach in notifying us of any API abnormalities or errors."
Faizal Riyaz, Software Engineer @ letsdive / LinkedIn


Dive was able to ship these integrations out and save about 3 weeks of engineering work. More importantly, the team wouldn’t need to spend hours maintaining them over the course of time.

The team at Dive also saw improvements in customer retention and activation over the next few months as they were part of an interconnected system of tools.

“We thought we would be spending days building each of these integrations before Revert. Revert’s unified API helped us add Salesforce and Hubspot integrations within 2 days. If you have a long integrations roadmap, a partnership with Revert will be invaluable."
Om Prakash Shanmugam, CTO @ letsdive / LinkedIn

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