Helping Rivia build scalable integrations for enterprises

Helping Rivia build scalable integrations for enterprises
“We had to ship these integrations fast, and we couldn't have done it without Revert. Our customers are able to sync data between Rivia and other CRM systems thanks to Revert."
Prabal Agarwal, CTO @ / LinkedIn


Rivia helps sales and marketing teams create interactive product demos with zero engineering effort. It can help you tell a story that features top benefits of your product to your potential customers. The product helps you show your prospects what your application can do so they can experience your product first hand, without a middleman. Rivia is backed by Y-Combinator among other prominent angels.

The challenge

Rivia is moving upmarket to serve enterprise clients. To be enterprise ready, the product should have flexible integrations with third party tools. These integrations help a customer create data portability, to pull and push data from our application.

While working on a proof of concept (POC) with an enterprise client, Rivia had to be integrated with HubSpot CRM to move forward with the conversation. The customer wanted to share data like number of views, time spent, links clicked, etc from the Rivia application to the CRM for better visibility for the entire organisation.

The solution

To support this integration request, Rivia explored a couple of open and closed source options before speaking with the Revert team.

Prabal (CTO, Rivia) ran a POC to build CRM integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot with Revert’s unified API. He was able to get the sandbox environment up and running within a day, and test out the integrations. He used the field mapping API to map custom fields and other non-mapped data.

The experience

“What stood apart from every other product we evaluated was that Revert had thought about everything around the integrations. We were able to test out our HubSpot integration with the sandbox environment Revert provided. Revert not only helped us save a lot of time, but also made sure we had a seamless experience integrating our systems. Their customer support and shipping speed is truly commendable, I remember I was on a slack huddle with the founder at 2 AM on a holiday. I'd recommend them as a trusted integration partner for anyone who's building CRM integrations."
Samay Jain, CEO @ / LinkedIn


Rivia was able to get the deal over the line with their enterprise prospect over the next week. That wasn’t the only win, they were able to build secure and scalable integrations with CRM applications via Revert’s unified API. Rivia is poised for enterprise markets with the current suite of integrations - HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho.

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