v1.5.0: Field Mapping API with custom fields 📝

v1.5.0: Field Mapping API with custom fields 📝

Every CRM is different and unique that creates its own challenges for developers to work with. You inadvertently hit cases where a field X is called Y in a specific Salesforce instance and called Z in someone else's Salesforce.

How do you deal with this?

You can solve this by creating & maintaining a map between your application's Object Field to the CRM's (or another Third Party Provider's) Object Field. You can the use this map to transform data flowing in and out of a third party provider.

Today, we're excited to announce the release of the Field Mapping API endpoints that give you this functionality out of the box.

This makes Revert as flexible as any CRM out there!

We now allow you to ask your users to map CRM specific fields to the Application level fields of a StandardObject.

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Field Mapping API - Demo

Properties API

Alongside this change, we've also added a way for developers to fetch all the properties that a StandardObject (Contacts, Deals etc) has.  

We also now allow developers to create custom properties in any StandardObject of a CRM via an API endpoint.

Is that it? Not at all. We also shipped quality of life improvements to our OSS project and fixed bugs along the way. Checkout the Github release to dig deeper!

Pssst! It's HacktoberFest! 🎃

Come hack with us and don't forget to star our repo. ⭐ (You're in for a huge surprise! 😉)